Why You Shouldn’t Skip a Trip to the Groomers
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There are some maintenance tasks that sneak up on us all. Oil changes, haircuts, and checkup appointments seem to constantly be just around the corner, and grooming your pet is likely on that list. No matter how tedious it may seem, it is crucial that you keep up on your dog’s grooming. A well-kept dog is not only healthier and happier, but regular grooming can benefit you and protect your home as well!

Benefits for your dog

Believe it or not, the most important reason that you groom your dog is NOT to keep them looking their best, but rather to keep them healthy. Regular grooming is required to keep your dog’s coat and skin healthy, and is important for preventative maintenance. If a dog is being regularly trimmed and brushed, it is easier to detect parasites, skin irritants, and/or abnormal lumps early on, so that they can be taken care of before they become more serious.

Your dog will also be much more comfortable when it is well-groomed, because matted fur is incredibly uncomfortable, and can even lead to behavior problems. 

Dog Sleeping on Tile

Benefits for you

You can also benefit from keeping your dog well-groomed. If you begin helping your dog get accustomed to regular grooming as a puppy, future vet and grooming appointments will be much easier. It additionally gives you an opportunity to regularly bond with your pet, and that affection can greatly benefit your mental health.

Benefits for your home

Just like human foot traffic, animal traffic can track dirt and grime into your house, and a dirty pet increases the amount of filth in your home. Grooming keeps your dog nice and clean, which in turn protects your house. Similarly, the hair and dander that are removed during the grooming process are consolidated, rather than being shed throughout your house. Ridding your dog of parasites also keeps those critters outside, where they belong.

Clean Dog on Carpet

Finally, your dog should never smell bad. If a dog is being groomed regularly enough, it won’t smell unpleasant. On the flip side, if your dog starts to stink, your entire house isn’t far behind. A clean-smelling dog = a clean-smelling home, so make sure that your dog is getting the care he or she needs! 

No matter how well-kept your dog is, some shedding is inevitable, and that hair and dander can get trapped in your carpets. Let Chem-Dry of the Midlands get rid of those potential allergens,